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The Best American Flag Decor & Patriotic Decor Finds

Adding a few of the right American Flag decor pieces is the easiest way to add meaningful patriotic style to your interior or outdoor spaces! While these patriotic decor finds are perfect for decorating for July 4th and all the patriotic holidays, they’re also ideal for a creating an Americana feel to any space for any time of the year.

If you do a quick online search for American flag decor, you find that many of the popular patriotic decor pieces that pop up are, unfortunately, made overseas. And if you find a patriotic piece that you truly love, I think, there’s no harm in that.

Though they are harder to find, there are some beautiful, charming and meaningful American-made patriotic home decor products on the market. I wanted to put those American made pieces front and center–especially those crafted by hard-working American makers!

So I went on a quest to find the the cutest patriotic and American flag decor, scouring the internet high and low. The majority of the products linked in this post are proudly made in the USA, with an emphasis on patriotic decor made by American makers! There’s even a section of products that are made by US veterans!

That said, there were a few sections of patriotic finds that were imported, but too cute not to share. Because I think it’s important to know the source, I will note under each heading if they were made in America. Some of the retailers do not list where the products are made, so in those cases I assume that they’re imported.

So without further ado, let’s explore this inspiring roundup of patriotic and American flag decor finds, so you can get to decorating for Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July!

This post contains affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through these links at no additional cost to you. You can read for full disclosure policy here. Thank you so much for supporting the RouseintheHouse blog.

Handmade Patriotic Decor from American Makers on Etsy

First, I love supporting makers, crafters and small businesses of all kinds. So, what better way than to kick off this round-up with patriotic decorations made by American makers on Etsy?!

Here are some of my absolute favorite patriotic Etsy finds!

Mini Patriotic Signs

Hudson River Craftings is a mother and daughter team that makes super adorable farmhouse-style home decor. I absolutely love their mini patriotic block signs! And there are so many beautiful and charming designs to choose from! From the flag design to the “My Country Tis” to the “One Nation Under God”, I looove them all!

These types of mini patriotic signs are perfect for a patriotic vignette on any type of surface, from a tabletop to a mantel! They’re also the perfect size for styling a patriotic tiered tray!

If you click the right (or left) arrow button, you’ll see that they make some super cute “rag flags” and patriotic garlands, as well.

Handmade Cottage-Style Buntings

These vintage-style fabric buntings by Vintage Green Limited are handmade and completely adorable! There are several fabric combinations to choose from. So whether you have country cottage, shabby chic, or preppy style, there’s a design that’s just right for you!

From decking out your backyard for a July 4th BBQ to adding red, white and blue to a birthday party, these buntings are sure to add charm to any any kind of event!

Vintage-Style Americana Artwork

Bringing together past and present, the Early Things 1776 shop uses antique paintings and other vintage artwork & productions to create the most charming new artwork on canvas boards. 

From the presidential paintings to the “Star Spangled Banner” art to designs from antique American postcards, these pieces are oozing with Americana charm and would be perfect to decorate for July 4th or year-round in a Colonial or Americana style home.

American Made Metal & Canvas Signs

Family Planks, an American-owned Etsy shop, offers a range of personalized metal and canvas signs– all of which are made right here in the USA.

“..From the cutting and finishing of the metal to the printing” every aspect of the metal wall hangings are made in the Family Planks shop, based in Missouri.

From unique personalized family name signs to beautiful wall hangings and rustic farmhouse-style plaques, Family Planks has something to suit every decorating style. And, I can’t help but to think of what a unique gift would make for someone special!

Handmade Patriotic Wood Goods

From wooden American flags to Lady Liberty signs to wood firecrackers, TheRusticNest13 has a vast selection of wood decor pieces, all of which are handmade in their workshop in Pennsylvania.

If you look closely on the first Patriotic Front Porch Sign, you can see that the stars are perfectly ENGRAVED in the wood! That is quality that you won’t find at a big box store!

Handmade Patriotic Wreaths

If you need a showstopper of a wreath for your front door, be sure to shop the beautiful designs from Virginia’s Paintings! Virginia has been living out her passion of crafting for more than twenty years, and has very high ratings on Etsy. When you click the right or left arrow to see her beautiful creations, you’ll instantly see why!

Patriotic Door Hangers

Of all the wooden patriotic door hangers I’ve seen, this one by Misty’s Door Bling just stole my heart. I love that you can order your Initial to represent your family! But, this door hanger would also make a great and very thoughtful gift!

Medium & Large Patriotic Wall Décor

From Etsy Shops based in USA

If you have a large empty wall space and would like to show off your patriotic pride, then why not opt for a large patriotic wooden sign? Below are some of my favorite patriotic wall signs I’ve seen!

I’m especially partial to the “God Bless America” Sign! And, I think the Uncle Sam’s Fireworks Stand Sign is just too cute!

American Flag Pillows


Of all the gazillions of patriotic ideas I’ve dreamed up myself or spied on Pinterest, one of my favorite ideas is simply using an American flag pillow! It’s the perfect statement piece to add to virtually any sofa or chair for a major patriotic impact!

Meaningful Patriotic Signs

Made in USA

Occasionally, patriotic decorations can come off as kitschy. If you’d like to steer clear of that and incorporate home decor pieces that hold deep meaning, I think you will absolutely love the next idea.

From carved wood artwork depicting the Preamble of the US Constitution to the elegant wood sign with the Pledge of Allegiance, these gorgeous works of art will invoke patriotic pride in any interior space.

Small Patriotic Signs

Made in the USA

From styling on a tabletop or mantel or hanging up as wall decor or decorating a July 4th tiered tray, there are so many ways you can decorate with these adorable small patriotic signs!

Here are several of my personal favorites that are perfect for invoking that charming Americana feel!

American Flag Decor Signs

Made in the USA

If you’d like to go beyond a fabric flag, then what better way to display your American pride than with an American flag in wood form. From distressed to glazed, here are several unique options!

I searched all over the world wide web for the the cutest wooden flags I could find, and boy I found some beauties!! Truly, the hardest is part is going to be narrowing it down!

Veteran-Made American Flag Decor

Made in the USA

When I initially started “researching” online for the best American flag decor, I came across a business that makes handcrafted wooden American flags. Their beautiful handiwork is not only made in the USA, it’s also made by US veterans!

The thought of buying my patriotic decor, not made in foreign lands, but instead made by real American heroes, gave me such a sense of awe.

What a wonderful way to support those who gave so much for us. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end, because the last one might just be the best one!

So here are some of my favorite wood flags made by real American heroes:

Outdoor Patriotic Décor

Sign made in US, Others Imported

If you’re American, you know that July 4th and outdoor cookouts almost always go hand-in-hand! So here are some outdoor decor finds that would be perfect for decorating your outdoor living space for a July 4th or Labor Day barbeque!

By the way, the rug linked below is the exact American Flag outdoor rug that we have on our deck! And wouldn’t the USA sign be such an fun way to spruce up the lawn!

Patio Furniture for July 4th Entertaining


Of course, having some great patio furniture is always a bonus at cookouts and outdoor gatherings of all kinds as well. So, here is a roundup of some of my personal favorite patio furniture picks. (Try saying that 5 times fast! lol)

The brown wicker outdoor furniture set linked above in the last slide is the exact set we own. You can see several shots of the patio set in the article linked in the next paragraph.

Need a little more patriotic home décor inspiration before you start to decorate for Independence Day? Check out my post on how to easily decorate for the 4th of July with these easy Americana decor ideas for some inexpensive, yet beautiful ideas!

Outdoor Pillows that Complement Patriotic Decor


These pillows don’t necessarily scream Fourth of July, but they are perfect for accenting your patriotic pillows and decor!

And these come with a double bonus: 1) all the pillows in the section below are specifically made to be used outdoors AND since, 2) they’re neutral tones, you can keep using them long after July 4th!

US Flags

Made in the USA

Of course, you don’t need to deck out the entire house in red, white and blue. But having a beautiful, well-made American flag could be considered an essential.

Even though you may not be going crazy with patriotic colors, there are still several ways you can display your flag! Here are just a few ideas of ways you can decorate with Old Glory:

  • Frame your Flag in a frame and hang on the wall. A framed US Flag looks stunning when hung in a frame just like a work of art.
  • American flags look absolutely stunning when hung vertically on an interior wall. Talk about a show stopping focal point in the living or dining room.
  • Go traditional and hang your flag from a traditional flag-pole outside.
  • Make major impact with an oversized flag. Consider hanging an oversized flag from the exterior of your home for a breathtaking display.

I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America.

Patriotic Pillows

Made in the USA

Whether you add a little or a lot of festive decorations, an inexpensive, but beautiful, patriotic throw pillow is the perfect finishing touch!

I’ve spent countless hours digging online to share the best of the bunch, and these are my very favorites!

Faux Florals for Patriotic Arrangements

Another decor idea that you can use for July 4th (or Memorial Day or Flag Day) and long after are faux florals in white, red or blue colors!

From creating a patriotic centerpiece to small arrangements for your tabletop decor, faux flowers can be a great addition to your patriotic decor!

Small American Flags

Made in the USA

If you don’t want to shell out a lot for your patriotic décor, small stick flags can make a major impact–without breaking the bank!

And there are SO many different ways you can incorporate them into your home decor. For instance, they’re absolutely beautiful tucked into flower arrangements, flowers just like the faux florals linked above.

And, no matter how you use them, they will make a beautiful statement that works with ANY décor style!!

I’ve used and been happy with this brand! And bonus, they’re proudly made in the USA!

Printable Historic Americana Art

Sometimes, it’s great to think outside of the box. Beyond all things red, white and blue, one of my favorite patriotic decorating ideas is using historical art prints.

And there are several beautiful pros about using historic Americana artwork.

First off, there are lots of pieces of historical American artwork that are extremely affordable that you can purchase online. Secondly, you can usually print it in your desired size — which is perfect when you need wall art of a different size.

Here are a few of my favorites patriotic printables:

Patriotic Front Porch Decor

Made in the USA

For a special touch to welcome your guests at your front door, consider hanging a pretty patriotic wreath!

Not a fan of wreaths? Then how about dressing up your front door with a Red, White & Blue Initial Letter?

Need a great addition to your patriotic porch décor that doesn’t require hanging? How about these adorable Wood Firecrackers?!

Any of these adorable options are sure to add a festive flair to your front porch!

American Flag Rugs

A fun, yet unexpected way to incorporate American flag decor in (or outside) of your home is with a US Flag rug! We ordered this exact rug last summer in the 6’x9′ size and loved how it gave us an instant patriotic patio!

This rug design is rated indoor/outdoor and available in a variety of shapes and sizes! So it could be perfect a runner in the kitchen, used as a doormat at your front door, or used as a full-sized area rug in your living room or out on the deck!

Get Inspired for the Upcoming Season

If you’d like to get a head start on decorating for the next season, drop by and pin the following blog posts for fall inspiration:

Rustic USA Decor from Reclaimed Wood

Made in the USA

If you’re not keen on red, white and blue decor, how about a more subtle nod to America? These beautiful America-shaped wall hangings are made here in the USA from real reclaimed whiskey barrels!

The worn, rustic nature of the wood would work in all kinds of home styles– from Traditional or Modern Farmhouse to Rustic Cottage or even Organic Modern style.

While this type of piece could be a perfect complementary piece to your patriotic decor, it could also be a beautiful stand-alone statement piece year-round.

Red, White & Blue Buntings

Made in the USA

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Red, White and Blue Buntings! Buntings are a classic, yet trending way to amp up your patriotic style–whether it be on your front porch or in your living room!

I made sure to only link flag brands that I know are made in the USA, Annin and Valley Forge.

But before you buy, consider the dimensions you’ll need for you space. Some of these buntings are 1.5′ x 3′ while others are 3′ x 6′.

I think these types of bunting flags look super cute hanging from a fence, a deck rail or anywhere on the front of your home!

American Flag & Patriotic Banners

Another easy way to add patriotic style to practically any space is with an American flag banner or garland! From hanging on your deck rails to the mantel in the living room, it’s sure to add instant Americana charm. The two flag banners linked below are made in the USA, and the burlap banner is imported.

Patriotic Wreaths

Made in the USA

Of course, a wreath is one classic way to dress up your front door for any holiday or season!

Below are some of my favorite patriotic wreaths made in the by American makers on Etsy:

Patriotic Buntings & Garlands

Made in the USA

There are so many adorable ways you can use a bunting or garland to decorate for July 4th (or any of the patriotic holidays)!

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Hang from your railings of your deck or patio
  • Hang them from the trees for a patriotic picnic or July 4th barbeque
  • Hang them from the fireplace mantel for an easy pop of patriotism
  • Hang them from the ceiling at a patriotic party

The buntings and banners below are made in the USA by American makers:

I’d Love to Hear from You

Now, let me turn it over to YOU!

What idea will you use for decorating for Memorial Day, Flag Day or the Fourth of July? Will you add some affordable patriotic banners, oversized fabric flags or perhaps add a patriotic wreath to your front door?! I would genuinely love to hear your patriotic decorating ideas and how you’d incorporate your American flag decor!

By the way, if you love home & garden ideas (like I do), be sure to head over to sign up for our free newsletter — so you don’t miss out on future holiday, DIY or decorating inspiration! And if you’re into social media, you could also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook! I’d absolutely love to see you there!

Until then, happy decorating!


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