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Conversation Heart Wreath: How To DIY an Adorable Valentine Candy Heart Wreath

This easy Conversation Heart Wreath tutorial will show you (SUPER adorable) different ways to craft your own adorable candy heart wreath, plus fun ways to style your wreath for Valentine’s Day!

When Valentines Day starts to come to my mind, I immediately start dreaming about all the whimsical, romantic and pink things I can DIY and decorate with to celebrate the Day of Love.

Conversation hearts give me such a nostalgic feeling, taking me back to my childhood! Do they do that to you, too? A lot has changed since I was a kid, but thankfully Conversation hearts are still here for Valentine’s Day!

And the color scheme of these charming candy hearts are so sweet and feminine. In the past, I’ve used conversation hearts as part of my tabletop décor for a Valentine’s Day tablescape. But this year, I dreamed up the idea of making a conversation heart wreath!

This Valentine’s day wreath is super sweet and charming and SO easy to make! You could, most likely, make the entire wreath in the time it takes to watch your favorite show!

But the absolute best part? It’s going to look absolutely adorable in your entryway, on your front door — or anywhere you want to hang it!! It’ll be that perfect final touch to your Valentine’s Day decor!

Craft Supplies You’ll Need:

Another bonus is that the necessary supplies are very easy to find. In fact, you may have some of the supplies on hand already, but if not, you can easily get them from the Dollar Tree or Amazon! I will link them at the bottom of the post for your convenience.

  • Conversation Heart Candy (large and little hearts)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Pretty Ribbon to hang your candy wreath
  • favorite paper or ribbon to wrap the wreath frame (optional)
  • mod podge (optional)
  • foam wreath or metal heart wreath form or a deconstructed Dollar Tree heart wreath

In case shopping online is more convenient for you, I will leave links to the supplies at the bottom of this post.

So for my base, in lieu of using a foam wreath base, I am going to deconstruct a premade Dollar Tree Valentine Heart Wreath. This is basically just a plastic heart form wrapped in a metallic cellophane. So I am just pulling off the cellophane, to expose a plastic heart form underneath.

Candy Heart Wreath How TO:

Now, if you’re not able to get this particular base, that is totally okay. There are so many alternative bases that would be equally cute!

A Dollar Tree Heart Wreath
The “before photo” of a Dollar Tree Pink Tinsel Heart Wreath.

A foam or metal wreath base would be great, but you could also use a piece of carboard cut into your desired shape.

Sort Hearts

In case you want to use a designated pattern, you may find it easier to work with the conversation hearts sorted by color.

If you have young kids, this might be the perfect time to ask for their “help”! My little boy had a lot of fun sorting out the candies by color — and he only ate about half of the bag!

Play with Pattern

What I love most about diy decor is the you are the Boss of your creation!

There are lots of ways you can put your own unique style on this Valentine wreath!

A few ideas about the pattern of hearts for your wreath:

Color Patterns: Use all small hearts in a designated color pattern.

Color Blocks: Add hearts on in a color block design. For instance, add all pink hearts to one section, and then all green, etc.

Big and Small: Use a mix of the “large” and “tiny” conversation hearts for visual interest.

Angled Hearts for a whimsical feel: You might want to turn your hearts right-side up or all turned to a 45 degree angle. You could use all large hearts, all small hearts or a mixture of both.

Glue and Press

I am using a pattern of large hearts beside the smaller hearts.

Before you get to glueing, consider where you want your wreath to hang from.

Note: I wanted mine to hang at an angle so I left a little space on the upper right hand side for the ribbon.

Hot Gluing Conversation Heart Candies on a Plastic Heart Wreath Frame.
Pressing heart candies onto a wreath base.

Add your Ribbon

If your wreath form has a premade hanger for your wreath, feel free to use it!

If not, add a long strip of ribbon around the blank space of your wreath form.

Adding a velvet ribbon to a Conversation Heart Wreath to use as a hanger.

Next, pull a separate piece of ribbon through the first so you can tie it into a bow.

Then, tie your bow and ribbon, according to your personal preference.

Process Recap

  1. First off, let’s heat up our hot glue guns.
  2. Then, unwrap the cellophane off of your heart form.
  3. Play around with the conversation hearts to decide on a pattern for your wreath.
  4. For the next step, use your glue gun and add a dab of glue and place heart your conversation heart onto the wreath form.
  5. Press the candy heart on firmly for good adhesion.
  6. Continue adding your candy hearts by your pattern around adding a bit of glue and securing each candy heart.
  7. Unless your wreath form has a designated place for gaming, leave space for your ribbon.
  8. If planning to use outside, seal your wreath with an outdoor sealant, such as, Krylon for Indoor/Outdoor.
  9. Measure a strip of your favorite ribbon, to make a ribbon hanger. You’ll want to measure how long you want your wreath to hang, double it, and then allow room to tie the ribbon at the top.
  10. Add a secondary piece of ribbon to tie a beautiful bow.
  11. Sit back, pat yourself on the back and brag about your adorable diy Valentine decor!

By the way, if you love doing adorable craft projects for Valentine’s Day (like I do), I know you will love making this charming DIY Valentine Banner made out of vintage book pages, too!!

Alternative Methods:

Cardboard Heart

If this wreath form is not available to you, you can absolutely diy a heart or circle

form out of cardboard. And, bonus! it’s a very budget-friendly hack!

First, first an old carboard box.

Trace a heart (or multiple if your heart desires) on your cardboard.

Carefully cut out the cardboard hearts with scissors or an Exacto knife.

If you’d prefer not to freehand your hearts, you’re welcome to use free printables to trace.

Foam Base Candy Hearts Wreath

This version is extremely similar, the only real difference is that foam base will have a lot more surface area to cover with candy hearts.

Just like we discussed before, feel free to get creative with your patterns and sizing!

A circular Styrofoam base to use as Valentine wreath.

Heart-Shaped Metal Wreath Form

For this version, I recommend to start by wrapping the metal wreath form in ribbon.

Most ribbon should work for this, but I’d recommended using a non-wired, wide ribbon.

A metal heart wreath frame to make a Valentine wreath.

Decorate with your Conversation Heart Wreath

Ideas for how to style inside:

  • Hang on an Interior Door
  • Layered or hung in front of a mirror
  • Hang on a Chalkboard or over your Valentine Signs
  • Hang from a peg shelf
  • Hang on a cabinet door
  • Layered with other Valentine decor on a mantel
  • Sat on an Open Shelf

If using on an exterior door, be sure to seal your wreath with an exterior-approved sealant.

A finished Valentine Conversation Heart Candy Wreath hanging on a red front door.

If you need a little elegant & romantic decor in your life this season, be sure to read my post on how to set an inexpensive romantic table setting–which is perfect for a Valentine’s dinner at home!

Now, I’d love to hear from You!

Thank you so much for joining me for this Conversation Hearts Wreath DIY!! I really think this is such a sweet, sweet and fun project, and I hope you love it as much as I do! So, will you be making a Valentine Wreath this year? If not, what kind of Valentine crafting will you be doing? I’d love to hear from you, you can let me know in the comments below.

Whether your celebrating Valentine’s day with your girls for a fun Galentine’s day, with your kiddos, or the love of you life, I truly you have a joy-filled and happy, happy Valentine’s day!!



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DIY Conversation Heart Wreath

A diy Valentine heart candy wreath with pink velvet ribbon hanging on a front door.

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