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21 Deck Décor Ideas [Create Your Dream Backyard on a Budget]

If you’re looking for deck décor on a budget for an easy, affordable backyard makeover, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re talking all kinds of simple deck and patio decorating ideas that can transform your outdoor deck –without breaking the bank!

Just picture yourself, soaking up the sun while listening to the birds sing and the soft trickle of your outdoor fountain in the background. I’m sure it’s easy to imagine all the benefits of having a cozy dream backyard to call your own. But, in the case you haven’t yet, here’s a super brief synopsis:

Not only can amping up the beauty of your outdoor deck or patio increase your property value, it can also help you enjoy your home more.

  • Stress Relief & Elevated Mood
  • Social Gatherings & Relationships: There’s something so fun about hosting your friends and family to a barbeque in the backyard that makes for wonderful bonding moments!
  • Increased Property Value
  • Various Health Benefits from being Outside

And whether you have a concrete patio, a gravel patio or a traditional deck or a huge outdoor space or a small backyard deck, I’m sure you can apply some of these budget-friendly hacks! So keep reading for charming, yet easy backyard ideas that can help you create your own serene outdoor oasis–all while staying on budget!

If building an expensive deck isn’t in the budget right now, consider making a “DIY patio” by covering an area of your yard with gravel. A gravel patio with affordable outdoor furniture can offer all the charm and benefits of a conventional deck.

Durable Outdoor Furniture

The first and foremost component to make your deck comfortable and cozy is (drum roll please…) outdoor furniture!! And, there are a lot of different options that are budget-friendly!

While it may be tempting to buy the absolute cheapest outdoor furniture you can find, especially when you’re trying to stay on budget, that isn’t always the most affordable.

So, one area that I feel is worth to have a moderate “splurge” is finding a durable outdoor furniture set with or without comfortable outdoor cushions.

And that’s not to say you can’t find budget-friendly outdoor furniture that is also comfortable, but it can be tricky. Sometimes the really cheap sets fall apart so quickly that you actually end up paying more in the long run.

Here’s a quick list of the outdoor furniture frame types that are considered more durable:

  • Aluminum
  • Cast Aluminum
  • All-Weather Wicker also known as Resin Wicker (not conventional wicker as it’s prone to wear in the elements)
  • Wrought Iron
  • Plastic or Recycled Plastic

All-Weather Wicker Furniture

In our first home, we bought a patio table and chairs at a very inexpensive price point, and let me tell you, sitting on the actual ground would’ve been far more comfortable.

This time around we spent just a little bit more to invest in a durable patio set that would last for a long time! We purchased this resin wicker set in 2017, and it’s been on our uncovered patio this entire time! And to this day, it’s still in amazing shape!

I am so glad we invested in a comfortable quality set. Hands down, this set has been the best thing for making our deck inviting and cozy.

Now…some of the very similar outdoor furniture sets will run you in the several thousand dollar range, but this set comes in around $900. This exact set is still available, so I will link it and other similar choices near the bottom of the post.

A wicker chair sits next to a grouping of patio plants.

A quick tip for extending the life of your patio furniture: Put your seat cushions in storage when we’re expecting stormy weather.

DIY Garden Pots

Is there anything more breathtaking on a deck than beautiful potted plants in bloom? My flower-loving heart says, “I think not!”

The challenge is that those beautiful, designer pots can, at times, cost you an arm and a leg! But, what if I told you there’s a way to get that high-end look for WAY less!

With this easy tutorial “How to Antique Terracotta Pots“, you can easily give your tired terracotta pots new life!

I love that we can get a designer look without breaking the bank and that the process only requires a few supplies. An added bonus is that this DIY process works beautifully on old, thrifted or dollar store garden pots! Saving money AND the planet for the win!!

Distressed garden pots with faux plants create a vignette on an outdoor table.
Give your tired terracotta pots a new look with a little bit of paint and one pantry staple!

Pro Tip: Check your thrift stores or your local dollar stores for inexpensive old planters that you can transform into gorgeous garden pots! Upcycling pots for the patio is such an inexpensive way to add functionality and beauty to your patio!

Affordable Outdoor Rug

Whether you have a modern, traditional deck or a covered deck, consider grounding your space with an affordable outdoor rug.

This will help tie the other furniture and décor elements together–giving your space an inviting and cohesive look!

Yes, some outdoor rugs are pretty pricey, but the good news is that there are lots beautiful options that don’t break the bank!

And nowadays, there are tons of designs and styles to choose from! From bold geometric patterns to traditional designs that are subtle and neutral, there’s a rug for everyone!

Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the elements, to resist moisture, and to hold up better in the sun. So, opt for rugs specifically made to take the beating in all of your outdoor seating areas.

A blue and beige medallion outdoor area rug under a wicker patio furniture set. Potted herbs and flowers surround the sitting area.

Laying down an outdoor rug is such an easy way to pull your outdoor seating area together! The right rug will instantly add a cozy, inviting factor to any outdoor space!

Outdoor Table Décor

Small outdoor tables, whether a coffee table or a pair of small side tables flanking your outdoor lounge area, are the perfect opportunity to add more of your signature style to your outdoor living space! There are so many choices of small outdoor décor accessories you can style on your outdoor tabletop! However, whether real or faux, florals will always be my go-to!

I personally usually opt for conventional faux florals and just bring them inside during inclement weather. But, did you know that there are also UV resistant faux flowers that are designed to be used outside? Talk about a game changer!

Inexpensive Patio & Deck Décor Ideas using Faux Flowers:

  • DIY your own faux flower containers for your patio, deck or porch!
  • Make an outdoor floral centerpiece for your outdoor coffee table décor!
  • Make an affordable floral wreath for the front or back door.
A beautiful arrangement of pink cherry blossoms sits on an outdoor coffee table in front of an outdoor chair with a pillow and throw.
Artificial flowers can make for gorgeous outdoor décor on a budget! In the photo above, I made a very simple flower arrangement with inexpensive pink cherry blossom stems, but I love is that you can mix it up the arrangement from time to time and for different occasions!

Aluminum Furniture

Our wood deck steps down to a paver patio, so we opted to add some affordable patio furniture here, too.

We went with this aluminum outdoor furniture set because it’s also super durable yet still comfortable. In addition to being sturdy and durable, it’s also pretty light weight! Despite that the fact that it’s very lightweight, our aluminum has never blown over — even though we live in the one the windiest states.

Creating a conversational sitting area with aluminum furniture is a great way to create a intimate outdoor space that’s perfect for hosting company.

Pro Tip: Do you, by chance, already own an aluminum set that’s just not your style? While we left ours unpainted (for now), I’ve seen others spray paint their aluminum patio furniture with great results!

Outdoor Throw Pillows

Hands down, the easiest way to get a whole new look without breaking the bank is to bring out some fresh, throw pillows! Affordable outdoor throw pillows are a great way to change up the look of your outdoor space on a budget!

Keep in mind that conventional throw pillows won’t hold up to the elements like those that are specifically made to be outdoor pillows. I personally, love how soft and conventional throw pillows are, so I typically opt for those and just plan to bring them inside at night (or before stormy weather).

It’s amazing how something as inexpensive as throw pillows can transform the look and atmosphere entirely!

If don’t want to have to remember to put your cushions or pillows in a safe place, just opt for the outdoor counterparts! I will link some of my personal favorites at the bottom of this post.

And if you’re a DIY type of guy (or gal), you can even sew your own outdoor pillows with special fabric that’s designed to hold up outside!

A Curated & Cozy Outdoor Space

Now let’s put those aforementioned puzzle pieces together to create one inviting, beautiful, and polished outdoor space!

All of the elements that make our homes cozy on the inside, we can now take the outdoor or waterproofed version to, essentially, create an outdoor room.

Keep in mind, these are just suggestions. Each and every outdoor space is a little bit different, and so are our personal preferences. But if you’d like a checklist for creating the ultimate coziness on your deck, here it is:

  • Outdoor Rug
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Cushions and/or Outdoor Pillows
  • Outdoor Accent Table
  • Outdoor Décor
  • Pots and Planters
A deck, furnished with outdoor furniture and a large outdoor rug and decorated with throw pillows, a throw blanket and a bird cage as decor.

Pro Tip: When you think about designing or decorating your patio, think of it as putting together an outdoor living room!

A view of a decorated deck.
Dressing up your outdoor furniture with an outdoor rug and a bit of décor is a sure way to create a cozy and beautiful deck!

Backyard Fire Pit

Next up, let’s talk about backyard fire pits!

I’m sure it goes without saying that a fire pit can create a gorgeous focal point for your yard. Furthermore, the glow of a fire can creates a warm (literally) and cozy atmosphere.

Of course, there are risks anytime fire is involved, so, in our personal yard, we’ve decided to wait on this feature for our home–at least for the time being. (Our son is a bit of a live wire.)

But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it, because every home and household is different. There are some beautiful and budget-friendly options on the market!

And some of those beauties are linked at the bottom of this post, for your convenience.

DIY Floral Wreath

Whether you have a small yard or a giant oasis, a DIY wreath is makes for the perfect patio or deck décor on a budget!

If you go out and buy one online, yes, they can cost a pretty penny! But if you DIY rather than buy, you can save a ton!

To DIY this floral wreath, I used faux florals I had just collecting dust in storage bins. Dust off your old so storage bins — you might just surprise yourself! By the way, I have a easy step-by-step tutorial on how to craft your own customizable Flower Wreath!

Small Outdoor Fountain

Another clever way to incorporate an ambient mood in your backyard is brining in any type of water feature.

Water fountains, whether big and ornate or small and understated, are sure to bring an serene and calming mood to any outdoor space!

We decided to go with a small copper fountain. And I think it added just the right touch in this flower bed right off the backside of our deck.

But if a traditional fountain is not an option, there are also solar-powered fountains you can add to your bird bath. Bonus, these solar-powered fountains are super affordable!

There’s something about the sound of trickling water that is so peaceful. A water feature is sure to bring a serene atmosphere to your backyard.

Pretty Patio Plants

Are you one that’s up for an easy DIY project? If so, one simple, yet super affordable way to put a pretty pop of color on your patio is by potting up your own garden planter!

I know some of you are pro level gardeners, while some are just starting out. So, here are a few tips to get started:

First things first, you’ll need to find some type of garden pot. And you don’t have to think strictly of conventional pots, but you do need a bucket or pot with drain holes, as most plants need well-drained soil. If it happens to be a pot that’s been used before, be sure to clean and disinfect it well. (That’ll prevent the spread of any potential plant diseases.)

Next up, get some good potting mix. (A very common rookie mistake is skimping or skipping potting mix altogether and opting for free dirt from the yard.)

Next, know the light requirements of the plants your potting. Pick plants that need the same range of sunlight.

Our brick patio gets quite a lot of shade, so full sun loving plants wouldn’t do well here. Thus, I opted for plants that do well in part sun. These planters inject the perfect amount of pretty to the patio.

Please Note: Your growing zone may call for different light requirements for the same plants.

DIY Deck Décor: Homegrown Bouquets

Of all the patio decorating ideas, this might be my very favorite! In lieu of spending big bucks on an outdoor table centerpiece, why not DIY your own using fresh flowers from your own flower beds?!

Our peonies bloom reliably every May, so, it’s inevitably a time a savor every ounce of that goodness.

To save money, I used a glass pitcher from the kitchen as a vase of my homemade peony arrangement–I think utilitarian pieces used as décor gives an extra layer of cottage style charm!

So what blooms in your yard every year? Maybe lilacs, roses or possibly hydrangeas?

Any of these (and many other flowers) would be perfect for creating your own handmade floral centerpiece!

A bouquet of peonies sits on a vintage trunk on the patio.

Landscape Lights

Now, for this outdoor idea, I cannot take an ounce of credit– this was all my husband’s doing!

We had these landscape lights installed several feet apart around our brick patio around the perimeter of our wood deck.

Not only does the ambient light create an elevated atmosphere in the backyard, it is also a great idea for safety–especially if you’re like me and like to tinker in the yard after dark.

And they are such a great value for the money. I went and priced several online, and most run between just $5 to $17 per head. You can find them at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. I’ll be sure to link some of my personal favorites at the bottom of this post, for your convenience.

If you’d prefer to add landscape lights the easier way, solar lights are a great option!

Waterproof Your Furniture

So far the outdoor furniture we’ve covered has involved buying new patio furniture.

But what if I told you, in some cases you can transform regular, old furniture into something you could use outside on the patio?!

While not any and every piece of indoor furniture would work, you can, in many cases, use outdoor-rated sealants to waterproof wood furniture.

There are several product on the market to outdoor proof woods and similar materials:

  • Exterior Paint
  • Deck Sealer
  • Spar Varnish
  • Exterior Stains

I found this adorable old mint green toy chest on Facebook marketplace. I thought it would be the perfect touch of vintage cottage charm out on the patio.

A decorated patio creates a welcoming and cozy outdoor space.

A one-of-a-kind vintage find from Facebook Marketplace (or thrift store) may just be just perfect piece to add some vintage charm to your outdoor space!

Subtle Seasonal Décor

One of the best ways to decorate your deck is with simple seasonal items–ones that you most likely already have on hand!

For example, for the different (patio) seasons, I love to make little subtle tweaks to our outdoor table décor and other patio décor. Doing this is just as simple as switching out the our outdoor table centerpiece with different seasonal flowers and other simple décor details.

In this photo, I swapped out pink peonies for white faux florals in a vintage bucket and added small American flags in little vintage creamers. Even though these are just little things I already had on hand and the changes weren’t grandiose, those little subtle details can make a big difference!

What décor items in your storage closest that could be used as deck décor? Perhaps you have a decorative bird cage or an old garden statue?

Vintage Vignettes

When homeowners think of beautifying their homes, they often think to create beautiful vignettes inside.. but often forget to bring those pretty vignettes to the patio!

Regardless of inside or outside, a vignette is just a grouping of objects that together creates visually pleasing lines. Typically these décor or everyday objects create an overall shape of a triangle in complementary color schemes.

Planters are the perfect ways to create a pretty vignette on the patio! And, your planters don’t have to cost a fortune!

To save money, here we used an old, rustic galvanized bucket as a planter. Then to create a pretty plant grouping, I simply planted some petunias in a smaller, bust planter. Overall, the sizes and shapes of the pots and plants give you that visually appealing lines of a well-composed vignette!

A vintage bucket is planted with Phenomenal Lavender. Proven Winner petunias are planted in a bust planter next to it.
“Phenomenal Lavender” in a rustic, vintage bucket pairs with a small pot of petunias to create an ensemble of pretty patio plants.

Pro Tip: Clean up and drill drain holes in old, vintage buckets (or other old utilitarian objects) to create your own one-of-a-kind charming planter pot on a tiny budget!

Architectural Details

Even though we typically think of waterproofed, modern designs when we think of outdoor décor or furniture, sometimes it can be possible to repurpose old pieces for the perfect outdoor piece! I think architectural pieces are particularly charming, don’t you?!

In this case, I used a new décor piece that was made to mimic the look of an antique window.

An architectural window would be a perfect addition to invoke antique character to an enclosed porch or patio. However, if you don’t have an enclosed or covered patio, you could also consider coating your décor in an outdoor sealant to protect it from the elements.

By the way, if you’d like to gather some deck décor ideas for this upcoming fall season, be sure to check out the easy ideas in this post, beautiful Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas!

Outdoor Lighting

When I see string lights hung in any outdoor area, it instantly gives me a warm, nostalgic feeling. There is something a little magical and whimsical about the warm glow of string lights. And you can create that same nostalgia and charm without spending a lot of money right in your own backyard.

While we haven’t hung any string lights yet, it’s on my to-do list! As the wood is starting to wear, we’re planning to give our wooden deck a makeover soon. Afterwards, I think, we be the perfect to finally hang some!

Since I’ve had quite a bit of time to think this through, here are a few tips and tidbits about hanging string lights.

  1. Make sure you find string lights made for outdoor use.
  2. Check to see if you can purchase more bulbs for if/when they go bad.
  3. Consider using springs when hanging to leave a tiny bit of slack for the wind.
  4. Consider opting for outdoor string lights that are solar powered.

Depending on the structure and setup of your deck, patio or porch, there are different ways to hang string lights.

Places in your yard to consider hanging string lights:

  • Hang over outdoor bench
  • Hang over an outdoor dining table
  • Hang over your main conversational area on the deck
  • Hang over a fire pit
  • Hang from deck posts

Adding string lights to your deck or patio is a surefire way to make your backyard ooze with charm.

Container Garden

Whether you have a massive patio or a very small deck, another budget-friendly way to beautify to space with a container garden!

We’ve talked a little bit about potted plants, but if you want to take the cash-saving to the next level you can save even more by starting your plants from seed!

“Fine Gardening” confirmed in this article exactly what I suspected, while growing plants from plants starts can save you time, growing plants from seeds can definitely save you money!

So if you’re working within a tight budget but dream of your own small garden, consider investing in seeds.

Depending on what you grow in your container, that investment might just provide a good dose of healthy food for the fridge as well as, elevate your patio design.

Caption! Add a pop of bright color and beauty without spending much money by planting a flower container from seed.

Affordable Folding Furniture

Here’s another savvy money-saving home décor hack! If it’s not in the budget to invest in your dream outdoor furniture set, consider opting for a less expensive folding outdoor furniture set.

For this spot on our back patio, last year I found this super affordable adorable French Bistro style furniture set. And this little space has quickly become one my personal favorite places to sit and unwind at the end (or smack in the middle of) the day!

What I really love about this type of folding patio furniture is that you don’t even have to have an actual patio. You can literally set it up on the grass and create the same type of atmosphere as a fancy patio.

Small French Bistro Patio furniture set on a brick patio surrounded by blooming flower pots.

If you have a small patio, a folding furniture set is the perfect budget-friendly outdoor essential to make your patio from boring to charming and beautiful. It will be the perfect spot for a beautiful, al fresco dinner on a summer night.

Upcycled Utilitarian Finds

Another deck décor idea that’s not only budget-friendly, but also eco-friendly is giving an old ladder (or other utilitarian object) a fresh coat of paint! For this easy DIY project, I cleaned this old ladder well with a solvent to remove any old debris or wax. Then I gave it a fresh coat of paint of my personal favorite chalk paint.

Now this little piece brings lots of cottage-esque charm to our deck. It’s also the perfect place to style little seasonal vignettes. If you’d care to see details about this fun little project, I have you can see that here, DIY Ladder Plant Stand.

Of course, you’d want to weatherproof your piece if you’d like to leave it outside for an extended period of time.

An overhead shot of a step ladder turned into a decorative plant stand. Small faux plants sit on the top and bottom. A small planter of pink peonies sit on the first step.

If you love DIY projects, consider bringing an old ladder back to life with a paint and sealant refresh.

Think Up: Vertical Garden

The next deck decorating idea is perfect way to optimize a small space! So many of us our limited on deck or yard size, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have grandiose plans!

Even if you’re not up to do-it-yourself, there are lots of the unique premade vertical gardens on the market these days. I’ll be sure to link some of the best finds at the bottom of this post.

Gorgeous Gardens

Lastly, but certainly not least, how about some gorgeous garden beds?

Even though a garden bed isn’t technically “deck décor”, it is a wonderful way to frame your outdoor space! Not to mention, a lush landscape can raise your property value and elevate the overall aesthetic of your yard.

Before you go willy-nilly planting plants, study up on what perennials do well in your gardening zone, the type of soil you have and the amount of sun in your yard.

Since I am a huge hydrangea-lover and these spaces get part sun, we went with “Big Leaf” hydrangeas! The hydrangeas are absolutely magical when they bloom and the gorgeous green foliage adds interest all summer long!

I’d Love to hear Your Ideas

Now, let me turn it over to YOU! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Which idea will you use for amping up your deck décor on a budget? Will you add some affordable outdoor lights, repurpose old interior décor or perhaps transform your own garden pots?!

Or have you already given your backyard a major makeover? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

By the way, if you love outdoor décor and landscape design ideas (like I do), be sure to head over to sign up for our free newsletter — so you don’t miss out on future outdoor inspiration! And if you’re into social media, you could also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook! I’d absolutely love to see you there!

Until then, happy deck decorating!


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