A diy faux flower wreath with a sign that reads "Fresh Flower Market" is hanging on a door.
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How to Make a Beautiful Flower Wreath (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

The thought of crafting a complicated wreath can be overwhelming, but with this step-by-step DIY flower wreath tutorial, you’ll have a swoon-worthy wreath made in a snap! And the best part is that this will show you how to customize your own wreath in your favorite florals!

Oftentimes pretty floral wreaths in stores or online will have me swooning. But, when I look at the tag, I usually have instant sticker shock!! Has that ever happened to you, too?

Thankfully, though, it really isn’t all that difficult to DIY a fabulous flower wreath! And the cost of supplies and materials is far, far less than the price of purchasing one online!

Even if those wreaths aren’t out your price range, oftentimes, you may love a wreath more if you get to select each individual design element.

Benefits of making your own wreath is that:

You get to select:

  • 1. the color scheme
  • 2. the focal florals
  • 3. the accent flowers
  • 4. all the greenery
  • 5. any special unique signs or embellishments

And, these are all the aspects of what makes a wreath unique and beautiful!

You can use this same guide to create your own beautiful wreath for virtually any season or holiday! For example, you can switch out the peonies to autumnal-toned dahlias and the eucalyptus to faux fall foliage to create a stunning fall wreath!

Or, you could swap the sunflowers out for red poinsettias and the foliage out for winter greenery to craft a beautiful Christmas wreath!

Today I’m using soft pink and very soft blush faux florals, but the possibilities really are endless!

I’ll also be sharing some super adorable ways you can customize your wreath with simply DIY signs and other holiday embellishments. Be sure to scroll to bottom of the post to get the scoop on those!

A diy flower wreath on a door.
For this wreath, I used pink peonies and soft blush dahlias with accents of small daisies and baby’s breath. If you simply switch the florals for different types, you could get a completely different look.

This DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial is Perfect for you if:

  • You want to be able to enjoy a beautiful wreath that is customized in your favorite colors, types of flowers or greenery!
  • The price of pretty premade wreaths are out of budget, or you just prefer to save money. Because you can save a small fortune by making your own wreath!
  • You love being able to get creative and put your own unique personal touch on your home décor or gifts.
  • You’d like to make a beautiful wreath to give as a thoughtful handmade gift.
  • You prefer not to use floral foam, because this method doesn’t require any foam.

DIY Floral Wreath Supplies:

  • wreath form in a circular shape, preferably a grapevine wreath
  • wire cutters
  • artificial flowers
  • artificial greenery, with varying leaf shapes
  • florist wire
  • hot glue gun (optional)
  • zip tie or pipe cleaner

A few Tips on Finding your Craft Supplies:

The amount of the florals you’ll need will vary depending on the size of the wreath.

When shopping for your supplies, keep in mind your preferred color combination and the colors of the faux flowers will work together.

Money Saving Tip: You might just have a stash of artificial flowers in storage that would work perfectly or possibly a faux floral arrangement that you could deconstruct!

If not, your local craft store or even local dollar store are great options! Our local dollar tree’s selection seems to keep getting better and better in the craft department.

I know some of you are quite a drive from a craft store. So I will link several of my favorite options at the bottom of this post for your convenience!

Wreath-Making Prep

Step 1. Shake it out, dust it off and trim up that grapevine wreath frame. If you’ve worked with grapevine wreath before, you might of noticed that they can sometimes be a bit messy. I like to take mine outside and give it a shake before I really start. Highly recommend, this can prevent a bit of mess down the line. And, if you see any straggler vines or loose ends, be sure to give those a quick trim.

Step 2. Play around with your faux flowers to get a feel for the spacing, pattern and overall design.

Step 3. Next, give those flower stems a quick trim. I like to cut my stems down so that there’s five inches or so left. This helps to prevent long, straggler stems from hanging out the sides or back.

DIY Flower Wreath How-To: Greenery Base

Step 4. Now, start to add your stems of greenery that you want a base layer through your wreath base to create your desired wreath shape.

When you add you stems into the grapevine form, make sure to slide your stem into the grapevine “with the grain”. So essentially, you want the stem to run vertically, along with the grapevine, as opposed to running through front to back.

Step 5. Add an additional layer of greenery over the base later of greenery. In my case, I added the deeper green eucalyptus stems first and then I added the sage green stems over the top.

DIY Flower Wreath How-To: Layering Flowers

Step 6. Now comes the fun part! Take your biggest flower and strategically place it, wherever you’d like your focal point.

In my case, I’m using these white dahlias with a super soft blush on the outer petals as my focal florals. But you can use any favorite flower in any shade, from very neutral of a bright and colorful flower.

Step 7. Now, start to place the smaller flowers around the your focal flowers. I personally love the look off them creating a zig-zag pattern around the focal flowers, but there are tons of different ways to do this!

And that’s the beauty of creating, there are truly endless options to create something beautiful.

Step 8. Lastly, if you chose to use even smaller blooms as accent flowers, now’s the time to add those babies. I love the look of daisies and baby’s breath, so I’m adding faux flowers of them in now.

Customize Your Wreath: Adorable Add-Ons

I love that when I DIY my own wreath, I can create small accents that I can take off and on! Then I don’t have to have a separate wreath from Easter and Spring and Summer.

For instance, I will add Easter accents and then switch after Easter so that the main wreath can stay up!

How to:

For the small sisal bunny, I used leftover bendable floral stems to attach the bunny. I simply pressed on end into one foot, wrapped the stem around the grapevine where I wanted it, and then stuck the other end in the other foot.

For the small signs, I found the best way to add a sign is to start by adhering a mounting base to the back of the sign with glue. Then you can slide a piece of floral wire, a zip tie or a pipe cleaner through the base and tie the ends of the wire on your wreath. So at that point, you can easily twist a sign off and on!

Sisal Easter Bunny

I found this adorable sisal Easter Bunny at my local Dollar Tree, but I’ve seen similar on Amazon or in Michael’s. Isn’t it so sweet? I love that I can add him on for Easter but then take off to extend the life of this wreath through the summer!

Pink Spring Flower Wreath with a Dollar Tree Sisal Bunny holding a sign that says "Hoppy Easter".

Flower Market Sign

I used a stencil called “Welcome Spring” to make this adorable Fresh Flower Market Sign. (I will link the stencil and ink down at the bottom for those interested. It is currently out of stock, but I know they will restock as soon as possible!)

First, I grabbed a blank wood sign from my local craft store. Then, I stenciled flowers (from the same stencil) in the shade “Pretty as a Picture” in the upper left and lower right quadrants to create a soft and pretty flower motif.

Next, I centered the Fresh Flower Market section of the stencil from top to bottom and left to right on the sign. Then, I just stenciled it with a Gel Art Ink in the shade, “Hold Your Horses”, which a pretty deep charcoal shade.

Welcome Spring Sign

This sweet DIY Spring sign could not be easier! First, I bought a white-washed barn wood pallet plank, that was roughly 12″ x 5.5″. Then I just stenciled it with the “Welcome Spring ” phrase in the shade “Hold Your Horses”!

If you’d like to use this on your wreath outdoors, I’d definitely seal the sign with an outdoor-rated sealant, so that it can hold up to the elements.

A rustic, whitewashed sign that reads "Welcome Spring" is on a pink and blush Spring flower wreath.

Easter Cross

For this simple DIY, I used a precut Cross from Hobby Lobby. Then I stained to my liking with a beautiful gel stain.

Farmhouse Bird Sign

For this sweet and simple sign, I started with a super inexpensive premade “sign” from Dollar Tree! Then I used the same stencil, the Welcome Spring stencil with the bird nest section, and stenciled with the white Gel Art Ink! So simple but soo cute!

Extending the Life of Your Wreath

Artificial flowers, when exposed to the elements such as wind, rain and direct sunlight, will wear over time. But, thankfully, there is a way to combat this!

There are some options of UV resistant clear coat that which will extend the life of your pretty wreath. So if you want to place your wreath somewhere outside that will be exposed to the elements I highly recommend! I will leave some UV resistant sprays at the bottom of the post.

Decorate with your Floral Wreath

Your gorgeous floral wreath can be the perfect addition to welcome guests on your front door!

Or you could style your flower wreath on your back door or even on an interior door!

Here are several more ideas of how you could use your wreath inside:

  • Hang on your armoire doors
  • Sit on a tabletop as an easy centerpiece
  • Hang on or over a headboard
  • Hang on your Mantel for a Spring Look

Let me Know

Now, I’d absolutely love to hear from you! What color scheme will you be using? And what flowers will you use?! There are so many beautiful options and flower/greenery combinations!

Let me know in the comments! I truly hope this gave you all the information and resources you need to make own gorgeous DIY flower wreath! If there’s anything I missed, please leave a comment or question below or catch me over on Instagram!

Much love and happy crafting,


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DIY Flower Wreath Online Supply Sources

Stencils and Inks for DIY Signs

For the Welcome Spring, the cute bird in the nest design, and the Fresh Flower Market sign I used the Welcome Spring” Stencil! There are several other adorable designs on the Welcome Spring stencil that you could also use!

There are lots of other beautiful stencils, for each and every season and everything in between!

For the ink on the signs I used a product called Gel Art Ink! I used a gray shade, called Hold Your Horses, and white shade called Well I Declare.

There are several other beautiful colors you could use–you can see them all here!

Faux Focal Flower Options

Tools Needed

Faux Greenery Options

Grapevine Base Forms

Faux Accent Flower Options

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A faux flower wreath with pink peonies, dahlias, daisies, baby's breath and eucalyptus stems hangs on an exterior door.

Beautiful DIY Flower Wreath

Blush and pink Flower Wreath with Bunny figure.

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