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17 Gorgeous Fall Deck & Patio Décor Ideas

Decorating your patio or deck for fall doesn’t have to be too complicated. With these failproof deck & patio fall décor ideas, your outdoor spaces will be the coziest ever.

When the fall weather finally rolls around, it’s the perfect time to break out your autumn décor! And your patio and/or deck is the perfect place to deck out (no pun intended) with beautiful, and cozy fall décor!

Maybe you want to create the most perfect fall patio for an outdoor gathering, or maybe you want to host your own fall festival right in your own backyard, or perhaps you just want to make your deck extra cozy for this time of year.

Either way, with just some items you most likely have on hand, natural elements you may already have in your backyard, and a few creative yet simple ideas, your patio will be there to give your guests a nice warm welcome. An added bonus is that it’ll be there to comfort you after a long stressful day, too.

So without further ado, let’s get into these easy yet elegant, cozy fall deck & patio decorating ideas!

Incorporate Pretty Fall Plaids

A super inexpensive way to add a splash of fall décor to your deck is by utilizing affordable plaid throws–or in this case, an inexpensive fall scarf from Amazon!

Somehow the season of fall is simply synonymous with plaid. And what I love about using a plaid scarf is that you can pick from tons of options to find your favorite fall color scheme!

There are tons of options in traditional fall colors, but there are also lots of non-traditional and neutral options too! I will provide the exact link for this fall scarf toward the bottom of the post.

Layering an affordable plaid scarf to the outdoor cushions on the patio really adds the fall feel and an inviting cozy factor!

Calm with a Neutral Fall Palette

For most of us, the word “fall” is almost synonymous with warm colors: burnt orange, mustard yellow and beautiful amber tones. And I will certainly get to that! But if you’re a neutral-lover at heart, just know that you can create beautifully decorated fall spaces using the neutral tones you love.

If you didn’t know, there are some mums that come in neutral shades. The large mums in the bushel baskets flanking our outdoor sofa here are called, “Bridal White” mums!

Of course, they pair perfectly with the white pumpkins and other heirloom pumpkins in muted shades and comfy, ivory throw pillows.

Other neutral-ish fall elements include corn husks, bundles of wheat, heirloom pumpkins and neutral-tones faux fall foliage and faux flowers.

The deck is decorated with outdoor furniture, a neutral blue rug, an architectural window hanging from a limb, bridal white mums in baskets, scattered Cinderella pumpkins, ornamental grass in a crock, and a dried fall flower centerpiece.

Pretty Fall Planters

Another easy way to inject beauty to your fall patio decorations is to create a one-of-a-kind fall container! A few plants you may want to incorporate in your container include:

  • Mums
  • Ornamental Cabbages or Ornamental Kale
  • Pansies
  • Asters

If you’d like to save money, you can even incorporate some of your leftover summer flowers. In this planter, I added sedum that was growing in our landscaping.

Summer flowers with color schemes that can transition to fall include:

  • Zinnias
  • Verbena
  • Impatients
  • Cosmos (my personal favorite)
  • Lantana
Cabbage, mums, petunias, ornamental grass and sedum are planted in an outdoor fall container on the patio.

Fall Farmhouse Sign as Fall Deck Decor

A rustic sign is another perfect way to add a touch of farmhouse style to your fall decorations!

When I spotted an adorable pumpkin patch stencil earlier in the fall, I knew it would be perfect for an easy diy project.

First, I found a pre-made blank sign from my local craft store, Hobby Lobby, in the perfect size for this design. Then I measured out the sign and stencil so I could center it up (well as center as I can get it lol).

Then, I used my squeegee to carefully spread the ChalkArt. Next, I pulled off the stencil and gave it a quick cleaning.

Isn’t it so cute?! If you make your own Pumpkin Co sign, it’ll add an instant fall feel whatever you decide to put it!

A diy Pumpkin Co sign sits on an outdoor patio by pretty heirloom pumpkins and a pink mum.

Keep in mind, if you’d like to keep your sign out as fall porch décor through inclement weather, be sure to seal it to keep your surface in good condition. There are lots of outdoor sealers you can choose from on the market.

Fall Patio Decorations: Heirloom Pumpkins

Whether your decking out your deck, prettying up the patio or sprucing up your front porch for the fall months, a pile of pumpkins is always a good idea!

If you love the traditional colors of fall, then opt for traditional orange pumpkins! If you prefer more neutral tones, shop around for heirloom pumpkins!

They come in a variety of styles and unique, beautiful colors! You can pile them up or arrange them next to other fall decor for a simple fall outdoor display.

Fall patio decorations: a mum in terracotta pot, piles of heirloom pumpkins and a wood lantern.

The blue, cream and muted orange tones of heirloom pumpkins are the perfect colors for our fall patio decor!

Fall Foliage

Sometimes we think so much about the décor that we need to buy to make our homes lovely, that we forget that the nature that God so graciously gave us is truly more beautiful than anything we could ever buy in a store. A perfect example is the Ash tree in our neighbor’s yard.

Sometimes decorating your patio for fall is as simple as letting the beauty of the fall leaves speak for themselves. The stacked pumpkins and mum are just the icing on the cake.

Do you have trees in your yard or neighborhood that produces beautiful fall foliage? If so, it would be great to plan for the foliage to be the backdrop of any of your outdoor fall displays.

And if you don’t, you could consider planting a tree for the years to come. The trees that will do well will depend on your location, but a few that come to mind are: Maples, Oaks and Crepe Myrtles.

The vibrant, colorful leaves of an Ash Tree steal the show on our patio!

Cozy fall deck decor: including a fall planter, a pumpkin stack, fall table decor, lots of pillows and throws.

Plush Fall Pillows

But, definitely, don’t forget the plush, fall throw pillows for an instant splash of fall comfort and coziness!

(But who am I kidding? If you’re like me, you probably have a nice fall pillow stash in storage somewhere. lol)

What I love about using throw pillows as a seasonal statement is this:

  1. Throw pillows are an affordable and easy way to integrate fall hues & seasonal flair.
  2. They come in tons of different textures, from velvet to cotton to corduroy.
  3. Not only do they look beautiful, but the right throw pillow can make your space so comfy, like putting on your favorite cozy sweater.
A cozy fall deck is decorated with outdoor furniture, a rug, plush pillows, fall flower containers and real heirloom pumpkins.

Outdoor Fall Table Setting with Thrifty Finds

Even if you’re working with a small space and tight budget does not mean you have to skimp on fall style! Let me share some home decor hacks you can easily copy to vamp up your outdoor space — all while staying on budget!

For starters, instead of splurging on a pricey tablecloth for this outdoor fall tablescape, I, first, dusted off my storage bins to dig out a pretty plaid throw that I already had on hand. I think the cozy texture and pretty plaid design really sets the tone of this fall table setting.

Then I dug into my fall floral bins. All the florals I used for this arrangement were from last year’s clearance section. (That’s a huge money-saving tip!)

Next, I used my “tablescape staples” (Tablescape staples are pieces that I use over & over for different seasons and holidays.) being the gold flatware, ivory plates and brass candle holders.

The only thing here that wasn’t pulled out of storage, on clearance, or from the thrift store was that cute little velvet pumpkin on the chair. I think it was around ten dollars from Home Goods! Worth it!

Fall patio decor: Fall Tablescape on Brick Patio. Faux fall flowers in a vintage copper bucket, plates, and brass candlesticks create a fall centerpiece on an outdoor table on the patio.  The woven chair holds a fall corduroy pillow and velvet pumpkin.

Pro tip: Sometimes after the season is the best time to purchase your faux florals! If you can wait until retail stores bring out their Christmas decor, you’ll have a great opportunity to get a great deal on your fall florals.

Fall Display with Bales of Hay

You really don’t have to go out and buy all new items to create a pretty fall display. Maybe you have a few spare hay bales laying around? Or perhaps a friend or relative has a few you could borrow?

If so, you have most of what you need to create a beautiful fall yard display. Add a few pumpkins or maybe make a scarecrow to finish the perfect harvest season arrangement!

A stack of three heirloom pumpkins sit on a haybale on a brick patio.

Here I piled up a few heirloom pumpkins on bales of hay to create a pretty, organic fall vignette on our patio.

Outdoor Fall Decor: Rustic Lanterns

Whether you fill them with faux candles, outdoor lights, or gobs of cute, little pumpkins, outdoor lanterns can be a perfect way to add ambiance to you deck or patio. Here I added battery-operated candles to mine, and I love the warm glow it adds to the backyard.

By the way, if you’d like to check out more décor ideas for your outdoor living space this fall, be sure to check out this article. From front porch ideas to other fall deck décor ideas, this post has all kinds of outdoor fall decorating ideas.

Fall Faux Florals

Of all ways you can create beautiful fall vignettes, my favorite will almost always follow this simple formula: an arrangement of fall flowers in a unique vase or vessel paired with a spattering of heirloom or small pumpkins.

This type of vignette works perfectly for any type of surface, especially on a small table. For example, I placed this fall faux flower arrangement on our outdoor coffee table, but it would also be beautiful on an outdoor side table!

And what I love is that by working with faux flowers, your choice of color palette is practically unlimited!

Pumpkins on Display

Don’t forget to utilize utilitarian items you have on hand for creating unique and endearing focal points. When you incorporate them or other vintage items into your autumn decor, you’re sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia and country charm.

For a rustic look, I styled a few real little pumpkins and gourds on this old little step ladder. But it doesn’t have to be a ladder, it could be an old wagon wheel, a primitive rocking chair or perhaps filling an old toolbox with fall finds!

Fall deck decorating with small pumpkins and gourds on a rustic ladder.

For fall porch décor ideas and more fall deck decorating ideas (including our fall display that was featured on the Better Homes & Gardens social media), check out these ideas for outdoor fall decorating!

Functional Fall Decor: Apple Cider Accents

Oftentimes, pumpkins and mums are the first things that come to mind for fall decorating. It can be easy to overlook all things apples. But from bushel basket of apples to a beautiful bottle of apple cider, there are lots of way to add interest with apples.

Here I placed a pretty bottle of apple cider to accent this outdoor table centerpiece. I love when beauty and functionality meet!

A outdoor table fall centerpiece. The table is decorated with flowers in an ironstone pitcher, small real pumpkins, and apple cider.
A furnished deck decorated for fall with pumpkins, mums, and containers of fall flowers.

Dress up your outdoor coffee table with faux fall florals and a sprinkling of a variety of pumpkins, from medium to small.

Cozy Fall Throws

Another deck decorating must-have for the autumn season is cozy throw blankets!

Even though we’re heading into the colder months, it can still be the prime time to enjoy your morning coffee on the deck! So make sure to grab a cozy Sherpa or knit blanket to snuggle with out on the patio!

An all-weather wicker chair has a throw pillow with a fall saying and a thick ivory throw blanket.

Embrace sweater weather with open arms, by decking your deck out with some cozy, comfy throw blankets.

Mums the Word

Don’t think your fall flowers have to be limited to faux flower arrangements! Using mums, whether in pots on the patio or in the ground surrounding your deck, mums are a wonderful way to spruce up virtually any outdoor space for the fall season.

Mums in bushel baskets are perfect for making big impact!

In years past here are a few ways I’ve incorporated mums in our outdoor spaces:

  • Oversized mums in baskets gracing our outdoor furniture set on the patio and paired with heirloom pumpkins.
  • Mums flanking our front door, surrounded by realistic faux pumpkins.
  • Small mums in baskets placed on our front steps to create a fall vignette on the porch.

By the way, you won’t want to miss this post for more affordable and easy outdoor fall decor ideas!!

Decked-Out Fall Deck Decor

Now let’s put all the aforementioned ideas together to create a cozy and inviting outdoor seating area!

I didn’t mention any of the outdoor staples earlier, so here are a few additions you could consider:

  • Outdoor rug
  • Outdoor furniture set
  • Outdoor fabrics / Outdoor pillows
  • String Lights

(If you’d like more information on choosing outdoor furniture, check out this post on outdoor deck decorating. It has great decor ideas, but also good info on choosing the best patio furniture.)

Then incorporate all things fall: piles of pumpkins (real or faux), fall containers with fall flowers, and cozy fall textiles like fall throw pillows and blankets. And voila, you’ll have a gorgeous fall space to get some deserved R & R!

Fall Decor for the Door: Fall Wreath

A beautiful but, simple way to to put a finishing touch to your fall deck decor is gracing your door with a beautiful fall wreath!

While there are so many wreaths to choose from online in all kinds of color themes, there are also so many, beautiful, easy wreaths you could DIY your own for your back or front door!

From using fall foliage to fall florals to corn stalks to pine cones, there’s no shortage of gorgeous natural elements when it comes to fall wreaths!

If you’d like learn how to attach foliage and flowers to a grapevine wreath, check out this step-by-step tutorial! Or, if you’d prefer to buy, I have linked some gorgeous pre-made fall wreaths at the bottom of the post.

Chalkboard with a Fall Feel

Decorating a chalkboard sign with a fall theme or design is a great way to bring a festive fall feel without spending a lot of money!

I used my alphabet stencils to spell out Pumpkin Patch on mine. Isn’t it a cute touch to the deck? You could also freehand a fall saying or drawing with regular chalk.

A decorated fall deck has a chalkboard that says, "welcome Pumpkin Patch".

Not only could a fall-themed chalkboard look adorable on your deck, it could also off major curb appeal to your front porch design, as well!

Happy Fall Y’all

Thank you so much for joining me to explore all of these fall deck and patio decorating ideas! I truly hope this gave you some fresh ideas for all your outdoor spaces.

If it seems like a daunting task, just remember you don’t have to incorporate ALL of these ideas. I went overboard because I know, different things appeal to different people. And, I wanted to have something for everyone.

And remember, of course, decorating your patio for fall is fun, but your guests don’t care about all the aesthetics of your home–they care about spending time with You!

Hope you have the very best fall y’all!



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An outdoor space decorated for fall. Fall foliage is in the background.

Fall Deck Decorating Ideas

A cushioned outdoor wicker chair on a wood deck has a velvet pillow and a plaid throw. A stack of heirloom pumpkins and fall containers create a fall vignette on the side of the chair.  Fall foliage of an Ash Tree is in the background.

Fall Patio Decor Ideas

A outdoor wooden deck all decked out with nautral fall decor at sunset.

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