A conversational seating area on a backyard deck is decorated for fall with fall planters, mums, and pretty pumpkins. The outdoor coffee table is styled with a pretty grain sack hand towel, a plate stack, gold flatware and a glass pitcher of apple cider.
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27 Cozy Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Deck and Patio

Dressing up your outdoor spaces doesn’t have to the complicated. With these easy, but oh-so beautiful outdoor fall decorating ideas, your porch, deck or patio will be decorated for the new season in a snap!

Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas

When the summer heat finalllly breaks (and the mosquitoes finally ease up a bit), it’s the prime time to spruce up your outdoor spaces for the fall season!

And when it comes to decorating for fall, my favorite place to start is in our backyard on the deck. But I love to decorate the patio and porch with touches of fall, too!

I know we all have all kinds of different outdoor spaces, so I’ve tried to brainstorm a plethora of ideas — that would work for all of our unique porches and patios.

So whether you’ve got a narrow front porch, a good size deck or a small space on the patio — or maybe just want to make a fall display in the yard—I think you’ll love some of these fall décor ideas — even if you’re on a tight budget!

So grab yourself a cozy cup of joe and a cozy throw, and let’s dig into all of these outdoor fall décor ideas!

Create a Cozy Outdoor Space

Maybe you want to wow your guests or maybe just long to create a cozy, comforting fall space for yourself (or own family), these fall décor ideas are sure to help you get there!

For almost every season, my favorite place to start decorating is our outdoor deck.

If it fits your budget, what will really make your deck an outdoor retreat is outdoor furniture!

Outdoor fall decor on the back deck include cozy throw pillows, white mums, and heirloom pumpkins of various sizes.

When it comes to decorating an outdoor living space, think of a lot of the same aspects as creating cozy in an interior space.

Carefully consider the dimensions and how you want to create an area for conversational seating. Then, find your favorite outdoor fabrics and outdoor rugs.

Even though it looks like traditional wicker, it’s all-weather wicker, which is far more durable. This set has held up beautifully for 5 years outside on our patio.

We invested in this patio set over five years ago and it’s made all the difference in our backyard having a cozy seating area!

Pro tip: Stow away your outdoor cushions before rain or severe weather for longer lifespan.

Pretty Pumpkins

Pumpkins, mums, and Gourds — Oh MY!! These truly are a few of my favorite things!

If there is a quintessential ingredient for a fabulous outdoor fall display, hands down, it’s definitely pretty fall pumpkins!

Anytime you’re stumped for decorating any fall space, just throw a pumpkin on it!

And what’s so neat is that now you can find pumpkins in all kinds of colors! From the traditional orange to white to blue or green!

Pro Tip: Plan a family outing to the pumpkin patch! The whole family will have fun and you will find such an amazing variety of pumpkins!

Outdoor Fall Display with Hay

Okay, so it turns out that Hay isn’t just for horses!

From the front yard or the deck at home to Trunk or Treat events, it might just be the perfect element for creating a beautiful outdoor fall display!

An outdoor fall display on a backyard patio: a square haybale creates a base for an outdoor fall vignette with gourds, pumpkins, small mums in pots and an outdoor fall container.  The outdoor display is next to a rocking chair with a pillow that reads, "Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please".
Isn’t there something so charming about pumpkins & fall plants stacked on top of an old dusty haybale?

Next to our rocking chair, I sat out a hay bale on our brick patio. Then I topped the haybale with a fall container, planted with pansies and other fall favorites, in an old galvanized bucket. I think that vintage bucket only adds to the rustic charm.

Next, I piled up a variety of heirloom pumpkins on top and added in some little baby mums and ornamental cabbages. For a finishing touch I tied some ivory ribbon from my local craft store around the small pots.

Speaking of brick patios, it may also be the right place to incorporate a small fire pit! Since our son is still quite a wild little man, we don’t own one yet. But whenever I see a fire pit, I think of how fun it would be to roast marshmallows at a fall bonfire on a cool, autumn night.

Pro tip: Stack hay bales to create extra seating or height for beautiful outdoor fall vignettes.

Pumpkin Patch Sign

To me, there isn’t a thing more charming than a word sign — one that reminds you of nostalgic days gone by!

Whether you purchase or DIY, a fall Pumpkin Patch sign will be the “cherry on top” of your patio or front porch!

A diy Pumpkin sign is used for decoration outside on the patio.

And this sign was so simple to make!

I simply used a blank sign from Hobby Lobby and stenciled it with the Pumpkin Co stencil with Chalk Art from AMS.

There are several other adorable Pumpkin, Apple and Autumn stencils options!

Gourds Galore

This just might be my personal favorite outdoor fall décor idea. My concept for this seating area was “gallons of gourds”! I wanted it to look like pumpkins were just spilling out of a galvanized bucket.

A big, beautiful white mum next to a "gallon of overflowing gourds" is an easy outdoor fall decorating idea.

Next to a very large basket of white mums, I tipped a large galvanized tub, propped by a wood fire log. Then I placed blue and white pumpkins inside and alongside, so that it looked as though they were spilling out.

Not only would this work as fall porch décor, it would also be adorable as fall decorations at a Fall Festival or Pumpkin Patch!

A cozy, outdoor wicker chair is styled with a taupe buffalo check pillow, an plush throw blanket. A huge basket of white mums sits next to the chair in front on the sunset on the patio.  Heirloom pumpkins are spilling out of a galvanized tub.
Here’s a fun fact: this photo was featured by Better Homes and Gardens!

Dried Hydrangeas

Don’t dismiss your summer flowers — especially if you grow hydrangeas in your garden! This time of year hydrangeas naturally turn the perfect colors for fall arrangements!

And it’s such an inexpensive way to add beauty to your coffee or side tablewhether it be on your in the living room or out on the front deck.

An arrangement of faded hydrangeas and sedum create a beautiful outdoor fall centerpiece on the coffee table of the seating area of a wood deck.
Beautiful autumn décor have to cost a lot of money — simply make use of your fading summer blooms for the best fall décor.

Hydrangea blooms are stunning, large sized blooms — perfect for making a big impact!

Here I arranged stems of Little Lime hydrangeas with stems of Sedum Autumn Joy from our landscaping for a super affordable centerpiece!!

An easy way to dry hydrangeas is to simply put them in a vase with a very small amount of water.

All Natural Fall Décor

From the hydrangea arrangement to the pumpkins, you may be noticing a theme.

One of the best ways to create a fall feel is to incorporate natural elements in your autumn décor. Nature provides some of the most interesting textures and fall hues!

I’ll be going into more detail over several ways to incorporate nature, but here’s a list to get your gears turning:

  • Indian corn
  • Bales of Hay
  • Pumpkins and Gourds
  • Corn stalks
  • Corn cobs
  • Fall branches
  • Corn Husks
  • Bundles of Wheat
  • Mums in Pots

Fall Front Porch Décor Ideas

So far I focused more on our deck & patio, but it’s also a perfect time to bolster your curb appeal.

And they are so many simple ways you could dress up your front porch for fall!!

From piles of pumpkins to a few curated mums, from adorable welcome signs to symmetrical custom containers, there are endless opportunities!

First, consider front porch design and what elements of fall speak to You. For example, if you have a small narrow porch, one small stack of pumpkins might be the perfect touch. If you have a very symmetrical porch with pillars, you might attach corn to each side. Wouldn’t that be charming?!

I’m really a sucker when it comes to bridal white mums, so I incorporated several on a porch steps. Then placed a handful of Cinderella pumpkins to accent the mums.

Pretty white mums and Cinderella pumpkins decorate the steps of front porch of a brick home.
Just a handful of mums and pumpkins create a perfect fall feel on this front porch.

But, if you’re more a fan of a minimalist look, a few pumpkins sprinkled here and there will create an equally charming look!

Next, let’s chat about other color themes that work wonderfully for fall porch or patio décor.

Play with Your Palette

Last year, I decided to change it up a bit from my usual neutrals and went with a bolder color palette — beautiful jewel tones.

Deep fuchsia mums paired with green and pink ornamental cabbages and pretty pumpkins are guaranteed to “Shine” on any fall porch!

A handful of beautiful fall mums, cabbages, heirloom pumpkins will always make my heart sing!

And if you love going bold for fall, keep your eyes peeled for other beautiful colors of mums. I’ve seen them in yellow, burgundy, peach and orange!

Colorful Cabbage

While we’re on a subject of bold color, ornamental cabbages are an amazing way to inject some color into your outdoor décor!

Although oftentimes, cabbage is regarded as a utilitarian vegetable, it can also be a STUNNING addition to your fall plants! With their rosette form, they essentially look like giant, gorgeous flowers!

From being planted in landscaping to an addition to colorful planters to being tucked into a fall vignette by some pumpkins & gourds, it can be a unique addition to your fall porch!

Another bonus of using cabbage — it tolerates the colder months more than many plants!

Triamble Pumpkins and other heirloom pumpkins accent an outdoor planter with ornamental cabbage, mums and petunias in an outdoor display.

By the way, if you hover over any image, you’ll see a Pin it button, so you can save these front porch ideas for later.

Get Cozy with Throws

The fall months just call for getting cozy, don’t they?

When sweater weather finally rolls around, look for affordable, cozy throw blankets in beautiful fall colors! Or if you’re into a neutrals, look for neutral throws with LOADS of cozy texture.

Opt for materials that make you “want to curl up in a warm blanket” like chenille, fleece or chunky knits!

Then your fall space will be the so cozy, perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy your morning coffee.

By the way, I couldn’t fit all of the fall ideas in this one post, so be sure to check out these beautiful Fall Deck Decor Ideas!

Create a Custom Container

Now if you love easy DIY projects, this one is for You! Create your very own custom fall container!

Here’s a quick list of plants that a perfect for fall planters! (If you’re not familiar with these plants, you can check with your local nursery if these work in your hardiness zone.)

If you have summer annuals on hand that are still blooming, feel free to incorporate into your fall containers. Some of those plants include:

  • Sedum
  • Coneflowers
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Daisies
  • Black-Eyed Susans
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Celosia
A beautiful fall container creates a fall vignette on the patio.

And then you can plant those along side some of the traditional fall favorites and plants that thrive in the autumn weather.

Here’s a quick list to give you some ideas of plants that love the cooler temperatures:

  • Ornamental Kale & other leafy greens
  • Violas
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Coral bells
A fall container holds petunias, mums, English Ivy, sedum, fountain grass and a colorful cabbage.

And, don’t be afraid to play around with the textures and color palettes! Have some fun creating groupings of containers and gourds as your outdoor fall decorations!

Fall-ified Chalk Board

Decorating a chalkboard or sign is another adorable way to add touch of farmhouse style to your fall deck.

I used the alphabet stencil sets and the with ChalkArt in the shade “I Reckon” to spell out Pumpkin Patch!

Then I used the Pumpkin Co stencil for pumpkins and other charming details. decorate this chalkboard!

But if you’d like to freehand some type of fall phrase, that could be super cute, too!

A chalkboard is stenciled with the phrase, Welcome Pumpkin Patch.

And even if you don’t have a chalkboard on hand, you could do the same with an old wooden board.

Some other cute fall phrases for your own chalkboard sign:

  • Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Please
  • Harvest Season
  • Organic Apples for Sale
  • I love Fall most of All
  • Pumpkin Spice ‘n Everything Nice
  • Trunk or Treat
Decorating a chalkboard with a fall phrase is such a simple way to make a charming focal point for the autumn season.

Pumpkin Stack

Another great way to add charm to your outdoor fall décor is to create a cute Pumpkin stack!

And you can do this with either faux fall pumpkins or real pumpkins!

To create a pumpkin stack, take your favorite outdoor urn or pot and sit a Styrofoam pumpkin that’s just a tad bit larger than the opening. Then stack a smaller faux pumpkin on top. If you’d like, you can add a little bit of raffia or faux foliage in between the pumpkins for extra texture and charm. You can use a dowel rod or some type of glue to secure the stack.

And creating a pumpkin stack with real pumpkins couldn’t be easier, just look for heirloom pumpkins that are somewhat flat and stackable.

An outdoor fall display with hay bale and heirloom pumpkins stacked on top.
Purchase a variety of large, medium and small pumpkins to make your perfectly stacked pumpkin stack.

When I buy pumpkins at my local nursery, I always play around with them first so I can make sure I’ll have a pumpkins that can stack on top of each other. So don’t be afraid to test them out to get the look you want.

Cozy, Cute Fall Pillows

One simple way to introduce a fall feel at the start of the season is to simply switch up your throw pillows! Honestly, it’s the first thing I switch out at the change of any season.

And remember, you don’t HAVE to go crazy, just adding a few pillows in classic fall color scheme or maybe a cute Fall phrase, like, “Hello Autumn!” will do the trick!

If you’d like to have easy low maintenance accessories for your outdoor spaces, opt for outdoor pillows. The materials they’re made up are designed to take the elements. But keep in mind, you can also take your indoor fall throw outside—that’s what I usually do!

A cozy outdoor seating area decorated with a fall corduroy burnt orange pillow, a plush throw, and Cinderella pumpkins spilling out of a BHG galvanized bucket.

Space Saving TIP! If you’re like me and running short on storage space, look for fall pillow case covers that you can place over the pillows you already own!

Mountains of Mums

Now let’s get back to fall porch ideas!

I just love the idea of a mountain of mums on the steps of a front porch! For this full look, I used an assortment of colorful mums and tucked real pumpkins in between.

An outdoor fall front porch display with jewel-tones and white mums, a sisal squirrel and tiny pumpkins.

Then for a touch of whimsy, I added this sisal squirrel by the mums. Doesn’t he look so cute and curious?!

By the way, if you could use some interior home décor ideas for fall, be sure to read this post, too!

Style an Old ladder

Now, time for one of my personal favorite outdoor fall decorating ideas!

If you love a rustic look and a good easy DIY project, you’re going to love this idea for your fall porch!

Style up an old step ladder on the porch with some cute little pumpkins and maybe some charming vintage finds!

Outdoor fall decor on a front porch: bridal white mums surround a small, primitive ladder decorated with pumpkins.

If you’d prefer something other than a wood tone, check out this tutorial on how to paint & stencil a step ladder with chalk paint.

Embrace Fall Foliage

And sometimes you really don’t need all that much décor — you can just let the fall leaves do the talking.

A tall Ash tree with golden foliage lights up a front yard of a Tudor home on a fall day.

In late October, our Ash tree in the front and our neighbor’s ash tree, start to turn from green to beautiful, warm colors of gold and orange.

An outdoor tabletop is decorated with a dried flower arrangement, a dough bowl candle and small pumpkins. Golden fall foliage is in the background.
Colorful leaves of an Ash tree provide the perfect backdrop for a cozy, fall patio.

Colorful Calibrachoa

Back to fall to the topic of container gardens, sometimes you don’t have to personally customize your own. I found this premade container of fall colored flowers at my local Walmart, and the colors were perfect for my fall deck décor this year!!

A burnt-red and yellow fall flower container is on a plant stand outside in a vignette with pumpkins, mums and other plant pots.

And see that little planter pot with the French font? That was originally a plain terracotta pot, and I gave it an aged finish with paint and baking soda!

Pots of Pansies

Speaking of colorful fall flowers, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention pansies. Pansies are a fall favorite for a lot of folks, because they’re so tolerant to the colder temps.

If you’d like more container garden ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest.

Curate a Fall Coffee Table

Faux pumpkins + favorite fall candle + dried fall flowers = instant cozy fall charm.

If you have a small table on your deck, style it by sprinkling little pumpkins around a pretty fall flower arrangement.

A dried fall flower arrangement is the outdoor decor on a patio coffee table.

For a touch of a romantic feel, you can add small candle holders around the table or go for a dough bowl candle. I decided to light my favorite fall dough bowl candle, Pumpkin Soufflé.

Rustic Lanterns

To inject an air of ambiance into your fall patio décor, simply add pillar candles into outdoor lanterns.

The battery operated candles would be the safest option for this, and now you can even get candle sets that come with remotes!!

A rustic lantern is lit with faux candles next to piles of pumpkins.
Whether placed up your front porch steps, on the deck or even out on the lawn, they’ll provide a whimsical glow on a cool, autumn evenings.

Another beautiful way to style your lanterns for fall would be to fill them with small faux pumpkins and twinkle lights! Wouldn’t that be so cute?!

An outdoor decorated space with cozy outdoor textiles, pumpkins and fall planters.
I picked up this darling lantern from Hobby Lobby, but from gold to black lanterns there are tons of beautiful options on the market. I will link some at the bottom of this post for your convenience.

Bonus: Your rustic lanterns can be used in your home décor for the upcoming seasons!

Speaking of upcoming months, you won’t want to miss this post on beautiful Christmas decorating ideas!

Pretty Fall Plaids

Another idea for giving your deck a cozy, fall feel is to use plaid textiles. And here’s a money saving hack — use an inexpensive blanket scarf! I found this one on Amazon for less than ten dollars, and it comes in a variety of colors!

A fall-toned plaid throw graces an outdoor wicker chair. The chair is next to a fall container with live plants. A pot of petunias sits in front next to a pumpkin stack.

I love how the tones of the plaid complements the orange tones of the pumpkins!

Here a stack of white, blue and orange pumpkins accent the plants in this autumnal container.

Faux Fall Flower Arrangements

And speaking of flowers, if you feel you don’t have a green thumb, faux florals are a great idea!

There are some truly beautiful silk and artificial flowers on the market these days! I love using faux florals in floral arrangements, because you don’t have to worry about changing out the water.

Gorgeous fall bouquet in an ironstone pitcher sits on a rustic carved pedestal. A bottle of cider and heirloom pumpkins sit next to it on an outdoor patio table.

For this arrangement, I used a mixture of faux roses in cream and traditional fall colors. Then I added in lots of fall picks for interesting textures.

Picnic on the Fall Patio

I styled our new little folding bistro patio furniture on our brick patio…but you could totally recreate a similar setup right on the lawn!

A folding bistro patio set is set up on a brick patio and set with a basket of hydrangeas, apple cider, bread and pretty pumpkins for an outdoor picnic.

I want to remind you that you don’t have to have a huge patio, porch or deck to make your outdoor spaces cozy! You can literally roll out a folding patio set and create a cozy, fall space.

Put a Wreath On It

One of the best ways to create a warm welcome for your guests is to amp up your front door décor with a beautiful fall wreath!

A faux fall floral wreath hangs on a back door with velvet ribbon.

I’ve rounded up several beautiful wreaths in a variety of styles. I will add the links at the bottom of this post. But, if you’re more into DIY fall wreaths, this post has lots of fall inspiration!

Thank You So much

I had the best time talking outdoor fall decorating ideas with you today! I hope you had a good time too and that this gave to lots of simple ideas for your outdoor fall decorating!

There are so many ways you can decorate your deck or patio with things you already own, but if you need some new items, be sure to peruse through the bottom of the post.



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A cozy, outdoor wicker chair is styled with a taupe buffalo check pillow, plush throw blanket in front of an outdoor rug. A huge basket of white mums sits next to the chair in front on the sunset on the patio. Heirloom pumpkins are spilling out of a galvanized tub.

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas

A wood deck is furnished and decorated for fall with live fall planters, real pumpkins and a decorated outdoor table.

Fall Front Porch Décor

A trail of pink, white and orange potted mums sit along the steps of a front porch with small pumpkins and other outdoor fall decor scattered throughout.

Fall Patio Décor Ideas

Outdoor decorating Idea: an outdoor display with hay and heirloom pumpkins on a brick patio.  A tall pampas grass plant with in the background along with a beautiful sunset.
A fall display on a patio sits next to a metal rocking chair. A fall pillow, tassel throw, and orange pumpkin rest in the chair. A large Pampas grass plant and colorful sunset are in the background.

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