A romantic, summer table setting in a French country dining room.
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Romantic Country Chic Tablescape (Florals in Mason Jars)

Rustic and romantic details come together to create the perfect summer table setting. A romantic, country tablescape that would be perfect for a evening at home, a casual dinner party, or even a summer wedding.

Romantic Table with a Country Feel

I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful, romantic tablescape. Sophisticated, refined and decked out wedding décor, my Pinterest boards are full of beautiful centerpieces.

But at the same time, I adore the comforting charm of country cottage style. Nothing can melt my heart like rustic, chippy country vignette or the nostalgia of a mason jar flower arrangement.

So, naturally, I dreamed of creating a whimsical, romantic setting but with vintage and rustic vibes.

So, today I want to share with you a gorgeous centerpiece idea — one you can easily emulate for a romantic dinner or special occasion at home in your dining room. But this mix of rustic, yet romantic details would also make a beautiful country chic summer wedding centerpiece!

A romantic, country tablescape. A white muslin table runner is draped over a wood table top. Peony, hydrangea, coneflower and mixed flower arrangements in mason jars are along the runner. A large arrangement in a country pitcher is on a distressed pedestal in the center of the table.

Beside the charm factor, one of my primary goals was to make this rustic, romantic tablescape budget friendly. In effort to do so, I reached for staple pieces and fresh flowers from my flower beds. (I did supplement a small flower haul from Trader Joe’s though!)

I used flowers in bloom in late summer but you can recreate this formula to set an elegant table for any time of year! Swap the florals for seasonal blooms that are available to You. And customize your palette to your favorite color scheme.

Note: Toward the bottom of this post, I’ve listed the specific flowers and other table setting details so you can create beautiful table settings for other seasons.

Gather Blue Mason Jars

Nothing says “country” quite like a mason jar. When I dreamed up this tablescape, I immediately envisioned vintage blue Ball mason jars! Thankfully, I stumbled upon a couple of vintage mason jars at my local Goodwill and a few I found at the antique mall. The vintage jars invoke instant vintage country charm, and they serve as perfect glass vases as for low arrangements.

And to be practical, I mixed the vintage ones some new blue Ball jars. The best part in incorporating new mason jars is that they’re perfect for everyday use and dishwasher safe! Bonus points for décor is both functional and pretty!

I chose to use the jars for both low flower arrangements and vintage candle holders.

Instead of traditional flower vases, use vintage mason jars for a beautiful, rustic look for your table centerpiece.

I know sometimes life is too hectic to get out at go thrifting, so I’ll link some of the new and vintage Ball Jars in various sizes at the bottom of the post your convenience .

Bring on the Berry Crates

Oftentimes when I see scenes of a cottage farmhouse in summer, I notice berry crates overflowing with farm fresh fruit country table!

And could be better at for a warm weather gathering than fresh fruit? A bowl of fresh berries is so refreshing!

These berry crates just have the same charming country appeal — but with a contemporary touch, don’t you think?!

Red raspberries in a berry crate sit next to mason jar flower arrangements, lit candles and rustic place settings.

The berries will bring a beautiful pop of color and look charming on your dining table or wedding reception tables!

Top view of a tabletop decorated for summer.
Wedding guests can enjoy farm fresh berries or sweet treats from these adorable berry crates.

Rustic Place setting

Let’s set pretty place settings to make each guest feel special! For a warm welcoming feel, you can’t go wrong with wooden accents! Thus, I opted for a wood round as a charger to use as the base of the place setting for a rustic touch.

Please note: These chargers came with soft “feet” so they don’t scratch the top of the table. If you DIY these, you may want to attach felt or soft “feet” to the bottom side.

Then, let’s stack some pretty staple white dishes to keep this dinner table light and bright!

On top of the plates, we’ll add nice neutral linen napkins. These are a cotton material has an eyelet lace look and only adds to the feminine old-fashioned feel. They were are Home Goods find, so I’ll link some at the bottom that are very similar.

A place setting with a wood charger sits beside a summery country centerpiece.
Save a fresh flower for each place setting — a little subtle touch to pamper each guest.

For an extra romantic element, let’s go for GOLD — gold flatware that is! Really silver, gold, any type of pretty flatware will amplify the feminine feel of the table.

Table Runner

First, sprawl out a table runner of your choice! Not only does it add a beautiful texture, it also creates a cohesive look to the wooden table top and draws the eye to the floral focal point!

It’s also great way to add a ethereal mood to the center of the table! Here I opted for a gauze table runner for its whimsical feel. I think the soft, texture creates a beautiful juxtaposition to the rustic details.

Pink peonies and other flowers are in multiple jars sit next to berries in a berry crate on a romantic tablescape.
If you look closely, you can see that I include little mini salt & pepper shakers at each place setting.

If you’re planning a more rustic wedding theme, you could also opt for burlap table runner(s).

In lieu of the votive candles, you could also use brass candlesticks with taper candles. Either way, the lit candles will lend to the ambiance and romantic feel.

Floral Centerpiece with Character

Hands down, my favorite thing about this stunning table is the floral centerpiece! A big part of what makes it so charming is not only the flowers themselves, but the unexpected vessel. I had this country glass pitcher on hand and thought it would add so much character.

Isn’t it amazing when can use what you have on had AND create a beautiful vignette at the same time!

Mixed, romantic flower arrangements on a table top.

This exact glass pitcher is not currently in stock, but this Pioneer Woman pitcher is equally charming.

In case you don’t have anything that fits the bill, I’ll link some unique vessels at the bottom. But let’s give you some ideas:

  • chippy crate
  • antique pottery
  • ironstone pitcher
  • old ice cream bucket
  • old pickle jar

All of those types of vases would all be equally quaint and add so much character!

Now for the actual flower arrangement, here I used a mix of flowers including a sunflower, pink gerbera daisies, and pink peonies.

A lot of the flowers here I cut from my yard, but I don’t have a full cutting garden (Yet)! So, I decided to supplement with some flowers from Trader Joe’s.

But you can really mix it up — just go with a variety of fresh flowers that are in season and available to you. Bonus points for bold color, pretty petals, and a variety of textures.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

Part of what creates interest and character in the overall design of this table setting, is the fact that there are several types of flower arrangements. Having several of the mason jars have multiple of the same floral is simple and quaint, yet beautiful.

I know sometimes arranging flowers may feel way outside of your comfort zone, but to be honest, you really don’t need a background in floral design for these. These mason jar flower arrangements practically make themselves.

Small & medium arrangements of summer flowers in mason jars sit next to lit votive candles and berries in white berry crates. A beautiful sunflower, daisy and peony arrangement is in the center of the table.
Creating small floral arrangements is an easy way to add an elegant look and dimension to your table setting.

To start, I like to start by holding the flower in one hand and slowly adding flowers and foliage with my other hand. I keep adding on each side until I like the arrangement. Once you have it arranged to you like you can add a small rubber band around the stems to keep the flowers in place.

Then, position it in the jar and see if it’s about the right height. If needed you can cut off the desired amount at the bottom of the stems. Also, if you’d like to keep the bouquet from sliding or repositioning, you can take a bit of twine to tie the stems together before placing in the mason jars.

Beautiful summer arrangements of fresh flowers and berries on a table.
The left mason jar holds an arrangement of pink peonies. The clear mason jar holds a bouquet of pink peonies, little lime hydrangea with sprigs of Crepe Myrtle. The small ball jar is filled in pink and white coneflowers.

Customize for Seasons

With just a few simple tweaks, you can adapt this table décor for an autumn, winter or spring.

Here are some beautiful ways you can transform the table:


Let’s say you’re here to get inspiration, but planning a fall wedding.

The good news is you can easily exchange this color palette out for autumnal colors! For example, can you just imagine a big beautiful bouquet of sunflowers with cream orange roses in the center of the table?!

Then, in lieu of a Berry crate, opt for chip baskets with red apples! Substitute the blue mason jars for clear, and voila you’ve got a gorgeous fall rustic wedding centerpiece!

Speaking of fall, you’d like to start gathering inspiration, I think you will love the ideas and images in this post, Cozy Outdoor Fall decorating Ideas!


For winter wedding style (or a stellar table at home), exchange with summer flowers for an arrangement of white or red roses with lots of cedar greenery or other winter greenery! Then trade the berry crate for chippy wood crates of pretty pomegranates or pine cones!


For a spring décor look, pick out a mixture of your favorite fresh flowers that bloom in March or April. I envision small bunny figurines in between the mason jar flower arrangements. Then I’d create small bouquets of daffodils, alliums, and hyacinths in the blue mason jars! Last but certainly not least, create an Springy arrangement with a mix in tulips and roses for the center of the table!

Of course, feel free to substitute any of those florals if you have another favorite in mind.
The best way to end with a table you love, is to start with flowers you love.

Reception Tables

If you are planning this as reception table at your wedding venue, consider adding table numbers to the centerpiece as well.

A place setting with a wood charger sits beside a summery country centerpiece with several flower arrangements in mason jars.

Pin to Save for Later!

Mixed fresh flowers in a clear mason jar is beside hydrangea and coneflower arrangements in two 8 oz blue ball jars on a wood tabletop next to votive candles and blueberries in a crate creating a romantic, summer tablescape.

French Country dining room decorated for a summer dinner party.

Thanks so much for joining me today! Whether you’re planning a dinner party or your big day, I truly hope this rustic, romantic tablescape gave you some inspiration and new ideas!

If you have any questions, drop them below or on social media Instagram. And if you’re into Pinterest, I’d love for you to join me there!

xo, Rebecca

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